The Wall Street Journal Confirms yesterdays announcement from Sony is the PS4 reveal, but is that all that is coming?


While the initial reveal of an unknown teaser came from Sony only yesterday, some seem to already be confirming that the PS4 will be revealed on the date mentioned in the teaser.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “sources” confirmed this and had told them that the console will be coming out this upcoming holiday season.

But that’s not the most intriguing bit of this. Ploygon is now reporting on this reveal and according to a recent report from them, they have revealed that “sources familiar with the [next] Microsoft console” are already well aware of Sony’s prospected launch plans, and are also planning to announce the next Xbox this spring.

The report from Polygon also seemed to indicate that both of the next gen consoles will be trying to expand their reach in terms of gaming and entertainment by incorporating new social aspects, Rumors and reports of the next Xbox including Skype service built into it seems to also point at this, but now a new report from EDGE seems to reveal that the next PlayStation will actually allow you to record “the most recent 15 minutes of onscreen ” gameplay and share it online.

The biggest kicker seems to be from that Edge report where they state “Orbis (PS4’s codename) will be more powerful than Microsoft’s next console, code named Durango, at least on paper.”

While Polygon “Reached for comment today, a PlayStation representative declined to comment specifically on the rumors, saying only that the meeting on Feb. 20 would be “focused on the future PlayStation business.”

Either way, all these rumors now seem to suggest that both systems are planning to be revealed within weeks of each other so they both can be released head to head this upcoming holiday season, and with that being said, it may turn out to be a very interesting E3 indeed.