UbiWorkshop unveils Limited Edition 2013 Assassins’ Creed Calendar


Over the last couple years UbiWorkshop has brought some really cool things to the market. From hoodies molded after the ones worn by Desmond Miles in the game, to belts shaped like the one’s the main Assassin characters wear in the games.

This time, they announce a Calendar.

But this calendar is fairly unique in the idea that unlike most, the full year is displayed from side to side, but also the corresponding dates from significant moments in the Assassins Creed timeline are shown above them.

Along with the preorder listing becoming live, they revealed some cool images and product descriptions for the calander as well.


Product Description

Printed both sides

Paper Quality : 12pts glossy cardboard – 6 Panels

Dimensions – Closed : 6,5’’ x 10’’

Dimensions – Open : 39’’ x 10


We did something else, we did what we always do, which is think outside the box and imagine what kind of item we would love to have!

We felt that it would be really amazing to have a calendar based on the entire Assassin’s Creed universe, with a unique look that would immediately make it stands out.

This calendar is really surprising! Printed both side on a glossy cardboard, it’s developed on unique format of 6 panels, gathering a list of events, characters, historical facts of Assassin’s Creed brand.

The Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition Calendar 2013, with its unique look and lore content, will be a great addition to every fan collection!

calendar_product_page3__06068.1357657435.1280.1280 calendar_detail_1__41122.1357599053.1280.1280

The Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition Calendar 2013 is currently open for preorders from UbiWorkshop directly here, and is currenty listed at US$34.99