Square Enix Europe says Final Fantasy X HD news is coming “Soon”


Around roughly a year ago, Square Enix took everyone by surprise and announced that Final Fantasy X would be getting a HD Remaster for both the PS3 and PSVita.

Since then we have heard nothing.

Yesterday a fan reached out to Square Enix Europe and asked the question that has been on everyone’s minds, When are we gonna see this game?

And lo and behold, he got a reply:


While this response alone is great news, it now begs the question,  what does Square Enix consider “Soon” to be, because last time i heard about them making a promise for “soon” it was almost 6 months later that we got the answer, and the answer was “it will release in another year.” But I will admit that this is indeed the first time I have heard Square Enix actually responding directly to a fan’s question, even if it is on Twitter.

 Either way, it seems like we are waiting for some official news to come, which probably means at this upcoming E3.