Is Michael Cerveris playing Lex Luthor in The Man of Steel?


The other night I was watching Fringe, a TV show on Fox that is more or less an acid induced love child between The X-Files and LOST, and with this Friday’s episode marking the end of the show as its series finale airs, I decided to get my phone out and check out the IMDB profile for “Michael Cerveris” an actor on the show who has played “The Observer September” over the course of the entire show, who I believe is probably one of the best characters in the show.

While I was looking through his profile on IMDB, which pretty much indicated that he hasn’t done much at all, I stumbled upon the actors trivia page and found this:


Immediately I was confused. No where in this actors film career has he ever played the role of Lex Luthor, but there this small simple statement was. I soon found myself searching for this link throughout IMDB’s message boards but found nothing, then over to Google to hopefully find some connection.

I found several several article posts from various websites from late 2011 that all indicated the same thing, there was a rumor that Warner Brothers was looking at casting Michael Cerveris for the role of Lex Luthor in a cameo appearance of sorts, setting up for a larger role in future Man of Steel sequels.

But beyond that initial posting, the news stopped.


Then it seemed all the news from Man of Steel was surrounding the casting of other characters in other roles, and eventually this rumor was sidelined and forgotten.

So why does IMDB have this listed in its trivia section? Normally to my understanding, the trivia section from IMDB isn’t governed by fans (like Wikipedia and other sites) its generated directly from the source and their representatives.

So if this is an error, it can be a significant one because this relatively small actor has this tremendously significant listing in his trivia, but if its not an error, and its actually factual, this could be some very huge news that has been seemingly overlooked since Sept 2011.

Either way, its up in the wind right now, and we wont know for certain until Man of Steel officially releases.

Man of Steel hits US theaters on June 14.