Garrett Hedlund confirms himself for TRON 3


Greetings programs!

Fans knew it was only a matter of time, One week after the report that Jesse Wigutow was offically hired to write a sequel to “Tron Legacy,” Garrett Hedlund has now confirmed that he would be returning to the franchise as well and reprising his role as “Sam Flynn“.

Hedlund recently confirmed this in a quick interview with NextMovie while promoting his upcoming film “On the Road.”

“Are we gonna break this now?” Hedlund said to NextMovie, before revealing his involvement. “I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

In Tron Legacy he played Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). And after a daring escape was able to get out of the Grid with Quorra, the AI that was born within, who both are now living in the real physical world together.

As I stated before, now that the film has a writer, its likely the news will begin to pour out.