Joseph Kosinski finally talks TRON 3, Says it will be “The Empire Strikes Back” of the TRON Franchise

Tron Legacy Sequel

Last week, The news broke that Disney was officially moving forward with their previously planned sequel to TRON: Legacy, and with it came the announcement that Disney has hired a new writer to come in and rework the screenplay. Then shortly after it was reported that star Garrett Hedlund, who played the lead role of Sam Flynn, confirmed that he would indeed be coming back for the proposed sequel.


Now, Collider has caught up with Director Joseph Kosinski and got him talking about the subject, with it they posted an excellent and in-depth interview, who is still attached to direct the sequel. While the film isn’t officially his next project, because he is still currently finishing the Film OBLIVION with star Tom Cruse,  he wholeheartedly believes that they now have an idea which makes the sequel worth doing, and hints that it very well may be his next project.