Disney officially moving forward with TRON 3

Growing up I was a fan of Tron. It was one of those movies that was just so unique, either you loved it or you hated it. My house was divided, my dad loved it, my mom hated it (go figure), and I landed on the side that adored the film.

Tron took the idea that there was more to life than what we currently knew, but it did it in a very unique 80’s way. It gave the audience an escape, but it also did something nobody had ever seen before, Computer Generated Imagery. Tron was the first film to use it like that, and to this day it still makes it one of the most unique.

Almost 30 years later, we got a sequel, Tron Legacy. While the fans of the first Tron were mixed, I fell in love all over again. However, the idea of the film evolved with that time.

Tron Legacy picks up with a similar time frame, but tells the tale that after the first film, Flynn got married, had a kid, and when his wife passed, became heavily obsessed with finding a way to improve the human condition, and with it, he turned back to the Grid and all it offers, eventually getting trapped in there by his own creations, leaving his son to later find himself trapped as well, and leading the two of them to try and escape the digital world together.

Since its release not much has happened, virtually no news about production or even planned production aside from a rumor here an there. Disney did however bring out a new TV show, TRON UPRISING, that was intended to bridge the gap between TRON and Tron Legacy, and while the show was indeed everything I had hoped it to be, unusual gaps in the shows production have left many forgetting that it has even existed (which if you have, please go back to it, it has gotten pretty awesome).

Its been almost 2 years since its release, but now we finally have an update, Tron 3 lives.

TheHollywoodReporter is reporting that Disney has just hired Jesse Wigutow to write the script, taking over for David DiGilio (Eight Below). Reports also indicate that Joseph Kosinski is still attached to direct.

They also stated in their report that Tron 3 is gaining speed thanks to Alan Horn, who recently took over as chairman of Disney Studios this past summer.

It is still unclear if Wigutow is rewriting the current draft or going with an entirely new story. It was previously heard from the director, Joe Kosinski himself, that Tron 3 would be a direct continuation of Tron: Legacy, with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and Dillinger’s son (Cillian Murphy) featuring prominently, and thanks to the viral marketing and well played Tron Legacy Epilogue video that was placed as a special feature on the DVD/Blu-Ray release  it seems that Dillinger’s Son also has ties with the MCP itself, which would definitely give fans the sequel they want.

With no real word on when production will begin, now all fans have left to do is wait until the next bit of info hits the web, and hopefully its worth the wait.