Bioshock Infinite- The reverse cover has been revealed

cover_close-upDESIGN04Back in November, the cover was released for Bioshock :Infinite, and was not well received. At all. I personally don’t really see what the uproar was about, being that the cover doesn’t matter much, but apparently it was such a big deal that Mr. Ken Levine, the developer, took the action to make everyone happy, or at least try to anyways. He revealed that the cover would be reversible. Why Booker’s handsome mug was simply not enough for fans is beyond me, but hey, if it calms the masses, I say go for it.

A poll was released featuring 6 different images, where anyone could vote on what they would like to have printed on the inlay of the game’s cover. With 38% of the votes, the winner was revealed to be a rather artistic rendering of the  terrifying Songbird. If that still doesn’t please you, the company has plans to release more covers that you can print from your very own home for no charge!