[REVIEW] Arrow – Episode 1

Arrow TV

Its not very often that the CW delivers a show that I really enjoy. I mean sure, I use to watch Smallville when it was on. But even the most hardcore fans of that show know that even at its best, that show had some serious campy issues.The last time I saw a worth wile premier was the pilot for Aquaman that the WB green-lit and after the merger that created the CW it was passed on.

This show is not Smallville.

From the very beginning of this show, it felt like I was watching Batman Begins, but with Green Arrow.

The show begins with Oliver Queen getting rescued, and then from time to time through out the episode it showcased several flashbacks showing his shipwreck and his time on the island. To me, watching the flashbacks felt like I was watching a bad ass version of Castaway, but this guy had a bow and arrow.

The show thrives in its realism. From start to finish this entire show was grounded in reality, with no hint of any real superhero backing. The pacing was good, the show was good, the only issue I had was that by the time i finished the show, it really was way too much like Batman Begins. At times it felt like I was watching a show about a young Bruce Wayne and not Green Arrow. Hopefully future episodes will fix this slight issue.

The nods to the comics can easily mean the show is going to have some cool twists. Epically the Deathstroke nod, which seems to imply that Oliver Queen had someone to talk to on the island while he was a cast away.


  • realism, felt like an actual grungy and crime ridden city
  • Arrow wasn’t afraid to kill
  • was not silly like Smallville


  • didn’t like the “war paint” wants a domino mask, or at least a ninja turtles style one like he sported in the comics
  • too many similarities with Batman Begins
  • “hacking arrow” yeah, it was silly in Avengers, it was silly here too

Arrow – B+ 8.5/10

As long as the rest of the show lives up to the very awesome tone set up in this pilot the show will last multiple seasons and be actually worth watching.