[ARROW] First Look at Deathstroke in CW’s ARROW

IGN nabbed an exclusive look at Deathstroke in CW‘s new (and apparently hit show) ARROW.

In the widely successful series premiere of The CW’s Arrow earlier this week, DC Comics fans got a very cool surprise cameo of a mask seen on the island Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was trapped on.

In the comics  Deathstroke the terminator is a master assassin, primarily seen as an antagonist in the Teen Titans Comics. During his time in the comics he has taken on, and severely beaten many DC heroes, in one issue in particular in the story IDENTITY CRISIS, Deathstroke took down most of the JLA single-handedly. Slade Wilson (Deathstrokes alter-ego), previously appeared on Smallville. In several episodes, and was a key villain in the Teen Titans cartoon show under the alias of “Slade“.

Deathstroke (played by Jeffrey Robinson) will appear in the fifth episode of Arrow, titled “Damaged,” airing sometime in November.