[RUMORS & SPOILERS] What does Tony Stark having THOR’s DNA imply for PHASE 2 Marvel?

Not to long ago, infamous twitter tweeter Roger Wardell posted the following:

And immediately people started to wonder what It meant. First huge concern was, “when did he get it?”.

At first this had me stumped as well. I didn’t know how he had it. I thought Thor didn’t bleed in The Avengers, and i didn’t think that Stark would have access to any of his “human blood” he left all over the place in THOR.

While re-watching the movie with my son, it hit me.

When Thor confronts Loki right as the chitauri invasion is about to begin, Loki stabs Thor with this tiny knife. After the momentary fight is over, Thor pulls out this tiny knife and tosses it to the side just leaving it there. Covered in blood, on Tony Stark’s balcony.

Its not at all a stretch to think that Tony Stark would find this thing during the clean up, wonder where it came from, check the security logs, and instantly realize that he now has Thor’s DNA in his hand.

So if this is really has significance in Marvels Phase 2 Movies, what is it?

The answer may very well be in Civil War.

In the comics, during the Marvel Civil War, Ironman sent out a clone of THOR as his hidden weapon to help fight for his cause.

The big significance of this is from an off comment by Kevin Feige a few months ago:

Yes, Avengers 3 could very well be an adaptation of Marvel Civil War.

With that, and all the recent rumors of a certain characters death in THOR: The Dark World could end up leaving Thor missing from action in future Avengers movies really hints at this idea being more and more true.

If this rumor is true, this makes for a huge and I mean HUGE plot point for the movie. That will shock and awe its fans.

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