Final Fantasy III Coming to PSN Tuesday for PSP/PSVITA

Final Fantasy III on PSN

Final Fantasy is one of the longest running and most popular Video Game franchises today. Despite extremely mixed views on some of its latest installments, fans still acknowledge that some of the early games in the series set a standard for video games today.

Sony has now announced that the PSP remake of Final Fantasy III will be making its way to USA but instead of it being a hard copy of the game like Japan got, we get it as a PSN download so it can be played via PSP and PSVITA.

SONY has annouced the following:

PlayStation fans are no strangers to the FINAL FANTASY brand, and have continued to be devoted supporters over the series’ 25 year history. Last fall, we brought two additional classic entries in this franchise to the PSN catalog as part of our Winter of RPGs campaign.

This time, I’m here to help close out summer with a bang. The list of numbered FINAL FANTASY titles available on the PlayStation family of consoles has been incredible, but alas, it has also been incomplete. That changes on September 25th, with the release of FINAL FANTASY III on PlayStation Network.

Now, PSP owners will be able to experience a piece of FINAL FANTASY history as they embark on a journey with the four Warriors of Light — Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus — as they battle to save the world from being engulfed in Darkness. A dangerous mission, to be sure; to accomplish their task, they will need an incredible set of skills.

FINAL FANTASY III was the first installment in the series to include the now-famous Job System. While this band of heroes starts out as Freelancers, with time, they will each be able to learn one of 23 different jobs! Use the healing spells of the White Mage to protect your party, harness the negative energies of the world as a Dark Knight, or turn the environment itself into a weapon as a Geomancer. These are but three of the many options available — there’s a multitude of incredible of job combinations for your party. Mix and match until you find the combination you like best!

But there’s more! New features for the PSP version include: graphics optimized for the 16:9 screen, an image gallery, an option to switch to the original BGM, and an auto-battle system that doubles the speed of combat.

FINAL FANTASY III debuts on PSN September 25th. Download it, complete your FINAL FANTASY collection, and then start figuring out what you want your Warriors to be when they grow up. Oh, and say hi to Cid for me when you see him!

This surprise announcement comes extremely welcomed for fans. When it was first announced in Japan, fans stateside worried that the game would never make it to our shores due to the obvious end and current lack of support for the PSP. Rumors and speculating have now come with this announcement that this reveal could possibly be a test run for SONY and Square Enix to see how well it does, and with it a possibility for a PSN port of Final Fantasy Type- 0, an extremely well received installment that was never localized for US release.

While only time will tell if Final Fantasy Type-0 ever makes it stateside, fans will now get to play an upgraded port of the Nintendo DS edition of Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy III hits Tuesday Sept 25th on the PSN for download.