[REVIEW] Looper – Spoiler free edition

Director Rian Johnson has done something few in the history of film have done. He made a time travel movie that not only makes you think, but also impresses audiences who see it. Looper wins on every level here.

While many would argue some of the plot points of the movie and how it pertains to the physics of time travel, Rian Johnson has successfully made a film where it is entirely easy to say that although time travel is a huge plot device, its not the real key to the motivations of its characters and how they at times are attempting to prevent one possible future.

Its about the characters. Who they are. Why they are the way they are. And why they are making the choices that they make.

The cast is wonderful and what they each bring to this picture is what any movie goer would want from a film like this, conviction. Joseph Gordon-Levitt clearly delivers on every scene. No matter what the situation or setting, everything he does and says is clearly significant and wonderfully portrayed.  Bruce Willis adds a whole new level of conviction and sympathy to his role, you clearly feel for him and his motivations, and when he starts doing what he has planned to do, even when its horrifying, you feel for him.

I went into this film expecting a film solely based on Time travel and one mans attempt to prevent himself from killing himself (which is what the trailers so cleverly marketed) and what I got was far more than that. While that plot point is indeed included in the movie, its not at all what it is about. I was both surprised and amazed by the final result.


4.5/5 A

If you like the cast, a fan of Sci-Fi films, or just want to have your mind blown, you owe it to yourself to see this film.