ARROW Producers Say No To Superpowered Appearances And Any Appearances From The Big Names of DC

In a recent interview with Zap2it, Arrow executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg have now confirmed that we shouldn’t hold our breath for anything super power related in the the new CW Tv show ARROW. However, this doesn’t mean we wont see some fan favorites hit the screen.

“I mean, basically we went to the network, and we said, ‘Here’s our take, It was so obvious that it wasn’t like ‘Smallville,’ and there really was no discussion. In fact, David Nutter who shot the ‘Smallville’ pilot directed the ‘Arrow’ pilot. He also brought in Glenn Winter who was the DP and went on to direct several episodes of ‘Smallville’. There was never any concern about it overlapping with ‘Smallville’ or being confused with ‘Smallville’ just because the take was just so different.”

Along with this, he goes on to explain that the entire writing process is indeed different than previous shows seen on the CW:

“It really is all just Twitter, indeed, I mean, we talk about it in the sense that like, ‘Oh, it would be fun to have Justin Hartley do a cameo on the show,’ but that’s pretty much the extent of the conversation. We’d love to nod to the original, but I think, honestly, the biggest nod is David and Glenn being involved the way they were involved in the pilot of Smallville. That’s the biggest nod I can think of.”

Its actually cited that because of Nutter’s past ties to Smallville, they were actually able to make some key visual changes to the show as to help separate it from Smallville, in short, the worlds feel very different, even when fans notice some obvious similarities, Smallville fans will recognize the exterior of Oliver Queen’s mansion as the same used as Lex Luthor’s mansion.

“One of the other things we were really blessed about with the beginning was that we kind of wrote this under the radar,” adds Guggenheim. “There wasn’t a big announcement in the press because we didn’t want that explosion or expectations of ‘Is this a ‘Smallville’ continuation? Why aren’t you making a ‘Smallville’ continuation?’ It is what is is, and people get to experience it fresh and clean.”

He also addresses the over all tone of the show and compares it to Chris Nolan’s take on Batman. Addressing its realism and grounding it into the real world.

With all that being said , Fans feel the need to freak out about possible depowered cameos from their favorite heroes on Arrow:

“I think as far as those big names like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan and Diana Prince, we’re going to shy away from that, especially because we really want to establish Oliver Queen as our hero and our lead,” Guggenheim says. “We’re not looking to do Justice League as our TV show. We’re doing a show called ‘Arrow,’ which is about Oliver Queen. Anyone who comes into his world will be a supporting character. Those characters aren’t supporting characters. Those are leads. So we’ll be focusing more on supporting cast in the DC universe. People who come in and complement Oliver, not overtake him.”