ICO HD to be playable on PlayStation Vita through Remote Play very soon


Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has now successfully teased fans thanks to tweeting an image of ICO running on the PlayStation Vita.  Rumored to be in development for some time now, He’s now openly confirmed that ICO‘s PlayStation 3 HD version will soon be playable via Remote Play on the handheld.

After Tweeting/Posting that screenshot and sucessfully making all fans jealous, he composed a follow up tweet that stated:

Sorry to tease you, I was play testing Ico HD Remote Play on PS Vita. We are almost ready with a patch. Beautiful on OLED.

More information on the Remote Play capability for Team Ico’s PlayStation 2 classic will be delivered “soon”, the Sony executive promised.

For many, this news isn’t really a shock. It was reported earlier this year that Sony plans to develop remote play to be able to play ICO HD will be playable on the PSVita soon, as well as God of War, God of War 2 and ICO successor Shadow of the Colossus.

While the news means we’re definitely close, all fans can do now is be patient.