Square Enix’s Next-Gen Engine Shows what Final Fantasy could look like in the future


Earlier this year at E3, Square Enix revealed its new Luminous Engine, which it describes as being for “next generation quality games”.

While the “Next-Gen” consoles arent here yet, although rumored to be in production, this video shows what they could look like.

The video is dubbed “Agni’s Philosphy” or as Square Enix dubbed it at E3Final Fantasy Realtime Tech Demo“.

While fans were upset that Square Enix didn’t show “anything of value” at this past E3 namely Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or even the rumored Final Fantasy XIII-3, it is very worthwhile to note that this new engine has been rumored to exist for a while, and even so much as to have been rumored to having Final Fantasy Versus XIII using a “hybrid Crystal Tools-Luminous Engine”.

Shortly after its debut at E3, Square Enix CEO Youichi Wada spoke in an interview with the Japanese Magazine Famitsu about the creation and potential for the new engine.

“When it comes to game engines, there are two schools of thought: The convergent way of thought which says ‘use the same engine for every game’ and the diffusional way which says ‘use a different engine for each game.'”
“We want the Luminous Studio engine to take the middle path without leaning too far to either side.”

He goes on to state:

“There’s no question that Luminous Studio is a game engine with the development of games like previous Final Fantasy games in mind,”
“Not only that, but we expect it to be able to cover a wide range from games that have lots of action to games that don’t.”

With the current and future markets of video games being seized by western developers, Square Enix hopes this new engine will help their games reach a level of appeal that will return them to the standard they once held.

“We want creators to aim globally,”
“The unveiling of the Luminous Studio engine is a message to creators that ‘it’s okay to take that challenge.'”