Shinobi is heading to PS3 next week as a PS2 Classic


The most recent PlayStation Blogcast, has announced that cult favorite Shinobi will be re-released as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation Store this upcoming week.

Shinobi is a 3D action game that hit the PS2 in 2002, the game consists of the journey of the ninja Hotsuma, who wields the sword Akujiki (a sword that feeds on the souls of who is killed by it) and his journey through the Golden Castle to defeat the evil sorcerer Hiruko.

While most games in that genre focused on stealth, Shinobi was all-combat, which seemed to be inspiration for other future ninja games like Ninja Gaiden.

While the news didn’t reveal its price point, If it’s priced like any of the other PS2 Classics fans can expect to pay $9.99 for Shinobi on Tuesday.