Dolph Lundgren wants to play King Randor In The He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Reboot

While promoting his new film The Expendables 2, Dolph Lundgren was asked by IGN if he would be interested in appearing in some form in the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film that has recently become a new topic of news thanks to the rumor that Sony is eying G.I. JOE: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu to helm the new reboot.
“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. I thought He-Man was a cool character, and I had fun doing it. I wouldn’t wanna take my shirt off again for three months, wearing diapers [loincloth]. So I’d rather play the King. But yeah, good idea. Y’know, all of these old superheroes are coming back, and I’m sure that’s one that people could enjoy.”
While no new news has developed on the rumor if the movie is going forward with Jon Chu, it would be very cool to see Dolph Lundgren appear as The King of Eternia King Randor, the father of Prince Adam/He-Man.