Chris Evans as Captain America. OFFICIAL CONCEPT ART.

Earlier in the week a man named Mike Sampson posted a description of Captain America’s costume for the upcoming movie. While the description is lengthy here is an excerpt:

“The fabric of the costume doesn’t look like the scaled material of SPIDER-MAN but more of a leather fabric, like something you’d see on one of the X-MEN. Cap wears an old school utility belt, the likes of which we haven’t seen much in modern superhero movies. Utility belts were a staple of comic superheroes but haven’t made the transition but here Cap sports a rather thick belt made up of brown pockets with a silver buckle. (It actually looks something like the belt on this Captain America toy.

The suit actually has a practical WWII military look to it with some of the obvious Captain America flourishes that we would expect. It’s hard to really pass judgment on a costume until you see it properly lit, in motion and doing what it’s meant to do. But based on what I saw, I’m pretty impressed with how they were able to adapt the costume for the film.

As for the shield, it actually hews very closely to the classic design of red/white/red rings with the white star in a blue circle at the middle.”

Today Merrick over at Ain’t it cool news posted the first look of Chris Evans as Captain America through Official Concept art.

The information has now be confirmed as the real deal by multiple sites, including by the poster of the description from earlier this week.  I personally love the look and think it will fit perfectly into the current marvel movie universe, although I love the art for now I’ll hold my final verdict until I see some official costume tests and releases.