It’s a me Mario, washed up and hung out to dry.

May 23rd has finally arrived. It is now the day for all the Wii users to stand up and defend their console by saying, “At least we have sweet Mario games!” Mario Galaxy 2 does deliver a good Mario experience, yet it also feels like its just re-ran through some warm water to give people a taste.

Mario Galaxy released in 2007 and all Wii users were great full to finally have a great game to play. Now we have waited four years for a sequel and not to much has changed in this galaxy. With Bowser taking all the stars to use to take over the galaxy, Mario must rescue his Princess Peach from the clutches of this beast. Same story but with Mario we always expect the same thing but with new levels and new ways to expand the platforming genre.

At the start of the game you feel like you are going to be playing an epic adventure with our red hat wearing plumber. As the game continues, you then realize, why did we have to wait three years for this game? It takes all the things we loved from the first game, and condensed into a little world, bigger game. Each area you visit does not feel like a massive level, more like a ten minute run level. Some worlds are not even more then one little section long and feel like they were a waste of time to do. While others worlds filled nice and new things to look at but are over before they even started.

Once the you get your Mario look alike planetoid, you then are told to explore the galaxy in search for Bowser. After that, you then realize you can not explore the galaxy as they say. Instead Nintendo has you on a dotted line going from area to area. It seems they just copied the level movement from their earlier Mario games like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Wii. While moving from area to area, you are sometimes blocked by a star block which requires a ceartin number of stars to move forward. That’s all fine and dandy by many means, but the problem is when each planet has three stars max it gets kind of tricky to work your way through the game. That is when the challenge of this game comes in, and you must now search for hidden stars on the planetoids or by doing prankster comet challenges. Some times they are really fun to do over, but the levels do seem to make you go every where before moving on. With the levels so small sometimes, this gets very time consuming running around looking for the best spot to jump off of to find a hidden star.

Now not all is bad in Mario Galaxy 2, with a few new additions this does make the game a fine experience. Yoshi now joins Mario in his galaxy adventure, and his appearance is sure to make people smile. With his tongue flicking action, making you feel like Indiana Jones in a since,  it is a nice new addition, but with the bad Wii controllers it makes it feel like it should have been left out. Also some of the familiar caps will be noticed form the first such as the bee hat. The new ones, Cloud and Rock mushrooms, feel as though they ran out of ideas for caps. Yes, it is fun being a giant boulder running over goombas, but it is more of a bitch to control to make sure you hit the goombas. Cloud mushroom makes it so Mario can now reach higher places with ease acting as floating platforms, yet once you hit three clouds you have to stop what your doing to get another cloud mushroom.

Now all and all Mario Galaxy 2 is a solid Mario game. It just feels like it was rushed and kind washed out like dirty laundry. The platforming is there and it does stay true to the Mario experience offering frustrating pin point jumps. just worlds over all don’t feel that new and fresh. Any ways if you own a Wii you would kick your self not to play this game. Just don’t expect the best Mario game out of this one.

8 out of 10       A good Game


+           Yoshi

+           Another Mario Game


–                     Not a great Mario game

–                     Worlds just seemed blah

–                     Should have been called Mario Galaxy 1.5