Xbox360 Version Of FFXIII Will Possibly Outsell PS3 2:1

Nowgamer has reported that the UK site believes that the Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will outsell the PS3 version by 2 to 1 because of the latest inquires of the title on their site.

“In the last month alone, there have been more than 250,000 unique searches for the title on the Xbox 360, compared to 120,000 searches for the game on the PS3,” reads the release. “Pre-order prices for the game online vary very little from title to title, although the Xbox 360 is the cheaper next-gen console option when compared to the PlayStation 3.”

While nowgamer admits that nobody will know for sure until we see this game released next week, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that this will happen. Square-Enix admitted that this was the reason they made the game dual platformed, that they hoped to earn their money back due to the slow start the PS3 had. Despite news that the PS3 now is pretty much on the fast track to leading the market in all regions the current leader between the two is still the Xbox360.

Bottom line, regardless of the obvious differences in the two versions of the game, fans may still pick the lesser version due to Xbox’s bigger market.