Nolan may be directing Goyer’s Superman.

Rumors are funny sometimes. Someone can take a simple sentence out of context sometimes and turn it into todays newest headline. I fear that this may be that, just because it seems way to good to be true.

The IESB has posted news saying that not only is Goyer Confirmed to be writing The Man Of Steel with Chris Nolan is still “God-Fathering” it, but Chris Nolan’s brother Jonathan Nolan (who co-wrote The Dark Knight) may be helming Superman as his directorial debut.

Then the site posts something that caught me off guard entirely.

“How about Chris himself? Sure, he’s helming Batman 3. But most of us assumed he was going to call it a day after the third installment. The whispers in our ear (again unconfirmed!) say Chris will shepherd his Batman and the next cinematic Superman (and presumably Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, The Flash and others) towards a Justice League movie. That he will direct after The Man of Steel and Batman 3 are released. We’re talking one big monopoly or more appropriately Nolanopoly.”

While this all sounds wonderful in just about every way for comic book fans, I do add my tremendous amount of skepticism.