Does The Flash have a Director?

According to the IESB he does. They broke the news yesterday that Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have lined up director Greg Berlanti to bring The Flash to the silver screen.

Who is Greg Berlanti you ask? Good question, because at first I didn’t know either.  From what I’ve found Greg Berlanti is the producer/writer for many tv shows such as Brothers & Sisters, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, and Everwood. while he seems to have only directed 2 movies (both being romantic comedies), he is attached as one of Green Lanterns producers, so that may be his biggest connection (and possibly only one) to WB/DC’s comic book world.

While I’m glad to hear that we may see the Flash on screen, I am a bit nervous about a guy who’s biggest sellers are shows I never cared for possibly directing a character I loved as a child.

So until I hear the official word from DC Entertainment I will keep this at arms distance as a rumor.