PS3’s And PSN Are Halted Cause of The Y2k Bug

Yesterday, for gamers, the unthinkable happened. sometime in the early morning/afternoon fans were shocked to find that when they turned on their PS3’s that not only was the PSN down, but the date changed to DEC 31 1999 and all games from the PSN and trophy enabled were unable to start.

Essentially the Y2k bug finally hit us. After 10 years of feeling safe we were struck. Personally I think that’s what the bug was waiting for, people living in a false sense of comfort so it could strike and make fans (and vast amounts of children) cry because their games wouldn’t play for over 24hrs. But maybe I digress..

As soon as it happened Sony was quick on the take to fix it.

Posting on their twitter Sony Responded with:

“We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.”

Later as time went on and the withdrawl of a videogame free life sunk in for more people Sony posted two more updates on their twitter:

“PSN status update: We’re narrowing down the issue and continue to work to restore service to all. Updates as soon as we have them.

PSN status update (part 2): Readers/followers are confirming that “slim” units (120/250 GB models) are connecting normally.”

That’s great news for people with the Slim model, but for people like me who own the “fatty” old PS3 I will have to wait for a new Firmware update that Sony has been putting together within the last 20 hours just to fix this problem.

Essentially what happened was sometime within the last 3.-whatever firmware updates that Sony has made for the PS3 one of them has interfered with the Internal time clock, and made it so when the system changed over to 03-01-10 it all reset back to 12-31-99 and making all games that were installed after that date unusable.

I see a tragic sense of Irony in all this. and since i cant play videogames today, I think I’m just gonna laugh about this some more and watch a movie while I wait for that update


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