An Explination On Why The PS3 Is Having Issues Today.

Today has been a trying day for Playstation3 players, well more specifically the ones who own an old “fatty” PS3.

The guys over at Playstation Lifestyle not only figured out what was going on, but gave a very easily understandable explanation for people who aren’t “tech heads” or “programmer junkies”.

So whats really causing the problem? Its actually quite simple. Due to a problem with the programming code, the old Playstations were made to count every even year as a leap year, not once every four years like it should be. So back in 2008 when this first couldn’t happened, it was actually in fact a leap year so Feb 29th was on the calender, but this year the system thinks it is, but when it wasn’t, it basically freaked out and reset itself because it didn’t know what to do.

They pointed out that there are three options that could happen:

“1. The official GMT ticks over to March 2nd and the PlayStation 3 moves to March 1st instead of the leap year date which is causing the issues.

2. Sony finds a way to force the System Clock to move to the current date or at least behave properly.

3. There is no way fix the issue and Sony will have to find a plan b.”

Personally I hope its plan a or b, because the 3rd option doesn’t sound fun for anyone who owns an old PS3 because it would just turn out to be more time away from our gaming, and aside from our own personal wishes plan c doesn’t sound financially beneficial for Sony because it leaves room for more possibilities that could hurt their wallets.

Whatever the outcome is, I just know I want to play my PS3 again without losing any of my saved data.

UPDATE/RELATED ARTICLE 3/1 – 4:30pm: Crisis Over! All PS3’s are working again!