Your PS3 Trophies Are Safe (If You Synced That Is)

Out of all the things to come out of today’s PS3 user scare, most fans found them asking themselves “are my trophies gonna be ok?”

Seemed like a superficial question once I thought about it (although I admit It was the first thing that came after the initial panic of my PS3 not working) but trophies are important to gamers now.

These trophies show what we have done. And like any reward, we don’t want them taken away, no matter how superficial they are.

Thanks to twitter we know that they will be ok in the end, but only if we synced.

In a recent twitter update from EU PlayStation Community manager, “MusterBuster”,  he informed everyone that not only has he checked his trophies, but they are indeed safe and secure.
If you wanna check for yourselves, here is where you go:

But dont sigh that sigh of relief just yet because there is a dark gloom over all of this, Many users are reporting via Twitter that any unsynced trophies are not showing up in their PSN profiles, and that it is very possible that once this is all sorted out any trophy that wasn’t synced will be lost. So as of right now Only synced trophies are certain to be “safe and sound”.

But at least they aren’t all gone right?

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