Crisis Over! All PS3’s are working again!

What seemed feel like a forced withdrawal from videogames for many fans is now officially over.

Sites such as Joystiq, Playstation Lifestyle, LazyGamer, and Kotaku are all reporting the great news.

And what seems even more relieving is that all the issues with corrupted themes, trophies, and saved data are no longer present either.

What I found most interesting was that when I turned my PS3 on the time was correct but the date was changed back to 2/28, and once I updated the time everything was running smoothly. Maybe Sony backtracked everyone clock a day to get it all working,  but regardless of what they did I can say that this resolve is definitely a breath of fresh air after everything that could have happened with this situation.

Now I’m going to go play Uncharted 2 online or something. Anyone who wants to join me can.

PSN ID = Amazingninjaboy

See ya there.

P.S. – For anyone who did lose their trophies that were not synced prior to today’s horrible mess, word on the street is that all you have to do is re-insert the game that the trophies are missing from and it should put them all back up.