Insomniac Games believes Final Fantasy XIII is best on PS3

Recently, via his twitter account, the marketing manager of Insomniac Games, James Stevenson, has recently been speaking of Sony’s impressive line-up of games in the first-quarter of 2010 and as the list ensued Final Fantasy XIII was mentioned.

“PS3 is having a rockin’ 1st quarter: MAG, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, and soon MLB10: The Show, God of War III and the superior version of Final Fantasy XIII.”
Since the games dual platform announcement heated debate over which console would have the better version of Final Fantasy XII ensued, but with recent comparison tests pointing to the PS3’s Blu-ray edition (and uncompressed HD visuals) being the victor by a long shot in terms of visuals.

But now when we have been seeing videogame companies (mostly Japanese companies mind you) stating the PS3 is superior to the Xbox360 in terms of hardware and visual capabilities, some are calling this recent praise as another nail in Xbox’s proverbial coffin.

While I love my PS3 and do believe it is superior to the Xbox360 in many ways, I however take this recent praise with a grain of salt simply because this is an already Playstation driven company and they have a heavy bias towards them.

Whatever the end result may be, I for one am truly excited to play Final Fantasy XIII with the rest of the world in less than 3 weeks time, where I can properly decide which version is better for myself.


2/24 – CONFIRMED: FINAL FANTASY XIII On XBOX360 Is Half The Size of PS3 Version.