Has the New Spider-Man Actually Been Cast!?

Do we really have our new teenage Spider-man already? The people over at CinemaSource seem to think so. In Fact they are claiming that thanks to a legitimate inside source in Hollywood that Percy Jackson star, Logan Lerman has been cast in Sony’s new reboot of the new “Ultimate” Spider-man film series.

A few sites now are breaking the news of this most recent rumor, and even IMDB has this kid listed as Peter Parker.

Director Marc Webb  (500 Days of Summer) is set to helm this new Spider-man film, which some are saying, due to Sony’s comments about having 6 Spider-man movies in total, is the first film in another trilogy. Sony has even opted to have Webb shoot this movie in 3D and according to CinemaSoure “Webb is currently in talks with Avatar director James Cameron to use his cameras and technique to film the entire movie in 3-D.”

While I think an Ultimate Spider-man movie is good idea and a perfect fresh start for the character I am a little hesitant on the casting of a 17/18 year old boy for a lead role in a movie about one of the worlds most favored superheroes, I’m more inclined to believe that this young man would be a far better Robin in a Batman movie than Spider-Man. But as it stands if this move by Sony is true, and Logan is indeed our new Spider-Man then I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best for such a beloved character.