Michael’s return to the Island on LOST is explained

TV Guide magazine recently got the exclusive scoop on Michael’s return to the Island when they sat down on set in Hawaii with actor Harold Perrineau.

Fans of LOST know that Michael was last seen presumably being blown up with the freighter during the finale of season 4, and is most known for as the dad who would kill for his son when he gunned down Anna Lucia and Libby so he could help the others leader Ben escape from the hatch in season 2 just to be rewarded with a one way ticked off the island for him and his son Walt.

TVGuide got confirmation that he was indeed killed on the freighter and that his upcoming appearance on LOST will be as a ghost and will appear to Hurley and Libby to try and make amends.

“I did get to apologize,” Perrineau says. “Every time I did it, it was really emotional. There was something really nice about it. It’s not just apologizing to her, but to Hurley as well.”

Co-star Garcia shared the same sentiments. “It played really well. When we did the rehearsal for it, I found myself getting way more emotional than I thought I was going to.”

While the article goes on to state that these characters returns are no way being brought about by the Man in Black’s body snatching powers they do get confirmation that we wont be seeing an alternate timeline Michael in the show.

With the actors remarks“Unless they are using some old footage, as far as I know, Michael is only dead this season.” I do hope this season to continues to be full of all the answers I’ve been waiting to get in a show I feel I’ve invested 6 years of my live into.