Brian Bendis Denies Involvement With Spider-Man Reboot

After several weeks of leaving hints for people to jump to conclusion with, Brain Bendis decided to post a little something on his twitter after several sites took what he said as his official involvement.

“i see quite a few web sites completely making stuff up that i never said or hinted at. i did not say i was now the writer of the movie. the movie has a writer and a damn good one. and as was just announced i am writing my own movie for universal based on my GN fire (on sale now ) all i said was i had an interesting morning over there in spidey land. and i did!!”

“speculation is all fun and good, rumor? sure, but there’s a difference between that and completely making stuff up. on a slow nerd news day, i could almost understand it, but you had all this weird dc news to make stuff up about.

Well there is that confirmation I was looking for, its a shame though, I honestly believe that his involvement would have been great news. But I guess we can all dream for a better future sometimes.