Spider-man Reboot will based on Ultimate Spider-man after all?

For fans of the Spider-man comic book series the movies haven’t been received all too well.

From the obvious origin changes, the removal and later misplaced addition of Gwen Stacy, and Nearly every villain getting killed off in the final act of the movie, Fans have had ample reason to dislike the previous trilogy.

When Sony announced that they were planning to reboot the series with a new cast, new director Marc Webb, and new storyline, many fans took this news with open arms.

But when it was announced that the Director favored the Ultimate Spider-man line of comics were Peter Parker was in High School and Nearly every noteworthy Villain was created by Norman Osborne (whose Green Goblin was more like the hulk than a guy in a mask), those same fans became skeptical.

News of the possible Ultimate Spider-man movie even made its way to Brian Michael Bendis, creator of the series, and on his Twitter account fans started seeing the clues.

At first On January 11th he tweeted:

i work as a consultant on the marvel movies. this is a sony movie. i have no involvement. but maybe if you all scream loud enough 🙂

But today he just posted this:

Just spent a very interesting morning at Sony with the entire spidey movie team!! Very very cool stuff!!

While some could take this simply as a coincidence, because after all since he does write for Marvel he does know a lot about Spider-man in general, but some fans have already connected the dots. Only time will tell if this is the first sign of an actual confirmation or not.