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[Review] The LEGO Movie

              Everything is awesome. And that especially includes The LEGO Movie. The Lego Movie is The Lego Group’s latest foray into the movie genre, and almost definitely it’s most successful. The Lego Movie is about an unassuming, generic Lego minifigure named Emmet, who tries […]


As long as I can remember, James Bond films have been a staple to my movie experience. Naturally with a franchise that’s celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, most people my age can make this claim as well. When someone thinks about James Bond films what mostly comes to mind is Action, […]

Cloud Atlas

Hey everyone! Today we are going to review Cloud atlas. And let me just say, after just having watch this, It’s incredibly hard to explain what I just watched. Don’t worry though, this particular review will be spoiler free! Now I am not even close to being a professional critic […]


When Watchmen was announced once again fans thought it foolish to try and make the “unfilmable movie”, many thought it would be ruined by Hollywood. For over 20 years Watchmen has struggled to become a movie, but now that it’s finally seen the light of day, was the wait worth […]

Wonder Woman

With DC comics announcement of  a Wonder Woman animated feature last year comic fans we’re ready for anything. Would it be like the old TV show? would it be like Justice League? or would it be completely different? LOOK The look of Wonder Woman was beautiful. DC comics has a […]