First episode of TRON: Uprising officially online

Tron: Uprising is an upcoming American animated TV show, part of the Tron franchise. The show has been confirmed to be a 10-part mini series that is set between Tron and Tron: Legacy, and will air on Disney XD starting on June 7th of this year.  The series will be directed by Charlie Bean, Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey (who will also act as executive producer along with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz).

So far it has not been made officially clear if the show takes place after “The Purge” but it does take place after Clu takes over, Flynn goes into hiding, and Tron is “killed” by Clu.

Offical sysnopsis:

Produced by Disney Television Animation, the series follows Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of The Grid. His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu and his henchman General Tesler. Beck will be trained by Tron – the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron will not only teach Beck the fighting skills he needs to challenge this brutal military occupation, but will be a guide and mentor to him as he grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous, powerful leader. Destined to become the new protector of the system, Beck adopts Tron’s persona and becomes the archenemy of Tesler and his oppressive forces.


The first full episode has been officially released by Disney on Youtube, watch it for yourself following the break. Or watch it here.

REVIEW: The Avengers


Short Spoiler-Free Review:

The Avengers presents everything a summer blockbuster requires. Action, Drama,  Humor, and Heartache. First announced back in 2008 (Rumors of its production started as early as 2005) fans didn’t believe this movie was possible. An epic ensemble with its build up from 5 separate, yet connected, movies. From its roots IronMan, IronMan 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger, fans have tried to piece together what a movie like this would be, but most of all, they tried to imagine how it would be possible.

The movie shouldn’t have worked. Its reputation, its hype, its build up, should have ruined it, And if it was any other movie it would have. But it didn’t.

The Avengers was directed by Cult favorite Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse) work has created him a reputation that sometimes can precede him, but he delivered more than anyone could have ever imagined. The entire movie feels like a third act to an epic story that first started with IronMan and was building up from these 5 movies. What caught me off guard, and surprised me the most, was how amazingly funny it was. I experienced something I had not seen since I was a child, people laughed out loud, and hard.  People cheered and laughed some more, it was like a theater performance, people loved it, ate it up, and were enveloped by it. It transcended the everyday movie and became an experience.

Some may ask, “Should I see the other 5 to understand the Avengers?” Short answer, Yes. But you don’t have to.

I took my wife over the weekend to see this movie, and she had only seen about 30 minutes of the first IronMan, and 45 of Captain America, in short, she likes Superhero movies, but hasn’t bothered to really watch any of them. She loved it. Absolutely loved it. But, for every moment she didn’t understand, she would lean over and ask a question, and by the halfway point of the movie, I had answered over two dozen. After the movie, she pulled me aside, and told me that the movie was amazing, and she would want to see it again, but first she would want to sit down and watch the other 5.

Bottom line. The Avengers is everything a fan would hope it to be, and more than what the average movie goer will expect. You don’t need to be a fan to enjoy the movie, but if you have taken the time to see the other 5, this movie will do exactly what you want for these characters. It is not the perfect comic book/superhero movie, but it is damn close.


The Avengers 4.5/5 – A

Below the break is a Longer Spoiler-Filled Review

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*

The Awesome Award

Several months ago I started working a job that required me to work from 10pm to 6am. Simply put I was working the dreaded graveyard shift. Soon after I started working there I met a man named Tyler S. Richardson. Within the months to follow we found ourselves with an amazing amount of rediculous inside jokes. One however, we both loved more than anything else we made to pass the time.

This was our creation of the Awesome Award.