angers Uncharted 2 fans.

When Uncharted 2 was announced fans were overly excited for the prospect to play as treasure hunter Nate Drake again, so when top retailers began offering pre-order bonuses it seemed like fans were now just deciding which retailer had the best offer to choose from.

Gamestop had an exclusive first access to a multiplayer demo, and a download able character attribute add-on. Gamecrazy offered an in-game currency multiplier. BestBuy offered a set of “Golden Guns” to use during the game, and offered what they called the “Uncharted 2 Digital Treasure Map” which promised to show the location of every hidden piece of treasure in the game.

So When the game was finally released on Tuesday Oct 13th fans quickly began playing the long awaited game with the bonuses they aimed for. The players from Gamestop, Gamecrazy and Bestbuy got them, but those from Amazon didn’t. Gamers were eventually disappointed to find out that they had to wait to get there pre-order bonus emailed to them by the end of the week, but the disappointment didn’t end there.

In what seemed to be a widespread frustration for all who pre-ordered the game from Amazon, gamers soon discovered that the add-on treasure map, that was nearly 800MB and took many gamers several hours to download and install, and promised to deliver the location of all 100 hidden pieces of treasure only contained the first 6, which by the time the treasure map reached the games players, those 6 were already easily found.

This news is now spreading the gamer fourms like a wildfire. Some saying they are boycotting forever for wasting there time and false advertisement, while others are trying to rationalize that it must be a glitch and (if so) should be fixed very soon. Whatever the truth really is about this matter Amazon has yet to comment, but regardless of what really happened one thing is clear. Gamers are angry at


UPDATE 10/21: Please See Part 2 of this article for continued coverage