angers Uncharted 2 Fans Part 2

Several days ago I wrote an article about how fans are disappointed the faulty pre-order bonus that was given by with orders of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the Sony Playstation 3.

Since my article was first published Amazon has finally started responding to many of the filed complaints made by those who felt they were treated unfairly by this offer. As of now unfortunately my filed complaint has yet to be responded to, but I anticipate that it will arrive shortly. However, from what gamer forums have shown, it seems that most responses are very similar.

Most responses seem to follow the lines of  “We apologize, but this isn’t something we can address, please address NaughtyDog”. While has done little to truly fix this problem other than take the stance of “ITS NOT MY PROBLEM LOOK AT THEM!”, they have at the very least shown that this problem is actually a software issue that has to be taken up with Sony and the games actual developer NaughtyDog.

I have addressed this concern to NaughtyDog and will post the response, if I get one, upon its arrival. But for now one can only wonder if it may simply be a forthcoming software update that will fix this problem, but for the time being speculation seems to be getting the better of the fans.