The Awesome Award

Several months ago I started working a job that required me to work from 10pm to 6am. Simply put I was working the dreaded graveyard shift. Soon after I started working there I met a man named Tyler S. Richardson. Within the months to follow we found ourselves with an amazing amount of rediculous inside jokes. One however, we both loved more than anything else we made to pass the time.

This was our creation of the Awesome Award.

At first it was just us saying back and forth the things we thought were so awesome that they deserved an award for it, and eventually it turned into us creating the concept of the awesome award and formulating a list of hundreds of people that we both felt deserved it, Ex. Sam Jackson for being in Star Wars simply because he wanted to be a Jedi.

After we started our list we both quickly realized that Samuel L Jackson was the most frequent name on the list. From his appearences in Star Wars, Kill Bill, and Afro Samurai, To him simply saying “Snakes on a Mother F*cking plane!”, so instead of letting him dominate our list, we decided to design the Awesome Award with a picture of him on it, simply because he is the most awesome person in Hollywood.

So far all we have done with this has been texting it to people we know whenever we feel they do something worth our award, but we do have plans to eventually do something much more interesting with it.