Final Fantasy XIII gets a release date.

Several days ago I wrote about how Square-Enix posted a puzzle online for fans announcing that they were going to have an announcement soon.

While speculation seemed to be the flavor of the day for quite a while, it turns out that fans were right when it came to what Square had to say.

The video announcement premiered simultaneously online as well as on Playstation Home.

The video(which can be seen here) showcased several interviews from the production staff, new footage of the game itself, the announcement of the new theme song for the American/European versions of the game, and finally ended with the release date.


The release date was slightly earlier than many fans speculated, but kept in line with Square’s comment about the game being released within “months of the Japanese release”.

After roughly 3+ years in the making, playing the Japanese demo, and watching countless teaser videos;  I can safely saw that I now truly have a reason to be excited for Final Fantasy XIII.