Author: Cory Jones

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 “The Lost Tracks”

 Prior to the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy, nobody expected the film to succeed. The films concept was foreign, the source material was crazy, and fans worried that Marvel had finally bitten off more than it could chew. Then the movie release and audiences were blown away.  With the […]

Destiny Beta Map and Multiplayer Leak

Thanks to a letter that was sent to GameStop employees, the beta will offer quite a bit of gameplay. Including a peak at four story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps, a cooperative Strike, and some more of the world to explore. Gamers everywhere know the hardships and the frustrations that […]

Resogun Update Released

Producer, Ian Pickles released this newest update to Playstation yesterday. This update, which is free to all owners of Resogun, lays the ground work for the forthcoming Heroes expansion due next week, which will expand your Resogun experience with new modes, game worlds and more. In addition to getting you […]

Little Big Planet 3 Coming to PS3

Thanks to a Tweet we discovered from Steven Isbell, the Community Manager for The Little Big Planet. Fans will have the pleasure of seeing this great game on their PS3 as well as their PS4. The trailer below holds true to it’s predecessors with it’s neat visual aspects and adorable […]