Resogun Update Released

resogunProducer, Ian Pickles released this newest update to Playstation yesterday.

This update, which is free to all owners of Resogun, lays the ground work for the forthcoming Heroes expansion due next week, which will expand your Resogun experience with new modes, game worlds and more.

In addition to getting you ready for Heroes, we wanted to give everyone something extra to thank you for the amazing support and reception you’ve shown Resogun since release. The guys at Housemarque and us here at XDEV Studio Europe were amazed by the reaction to the game — thank you all so much for getting behind the game.

With that in mind, alongside lots of tweaks, improvements and bug fixes, this free update contains a few special treats from us:

Including the “Heroes” expansion that is to be released in just a couple days, we get access to an all new Ship Editor/Creator!  This update goes hand in hand with the Heroes Expansion that is sure to impress.

resogunshipDesign your own ship from the ground up using a detailed voxel editor. Position the afterburners and weapons, set your own attributes to govern the ships agility, boost and overdrive, and choose either of the standard weapon sets for your ride. Want a flying DeLorean with the agility of the Nemesis but Ferox’s firepower? Well now we can!  Talk about extreme customization.


Everyone should be on the lookout for this update and begin to build their dream fighters. I’ve already heard that our Adminstrator and Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Murphy will be creating an X-Wing fighter!  I can’t wait to see the gallery of everyones personalized fighters. Did I mention that you can show off your own fighter to the public through the Resogun update as well?

Yep, that’s just another part of the update that we will be downloading today!  You will have the option to share and download ships from your friends, rivals and the community at large, and try out new ships to see what you really love and which ship works out well for you.