[Rumor] Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 3 (It’s Probably Fake)


Let me start off by saying I would absolutely LOVE for this game to exist, however, I am not so hopeful about this unknown company “Droitech Games” being the real creators of the much needed and highly wanted addition to the KOTOR series.

Once again we hear the rumor mills spinning with talks of SW: KOTOR 3!  This time, we have the supposed company Droitech Games commenting on the forums themselves. (They posted on their own forums that their servers will be ‘offline’ for server maintenance and upgrades.)

If this is another elaborate ruse for the much wanted addition to the already stunning series, this group has gone quite far in their attempts to convince us of their legitimacy.


They’ve already released a few short clips of what the opening title screen will look like. They’ve also announced that they hope to be releasing Alpha photos on the 31st of July.

A couple quick call outs that I think might de-bunk this game yet again:

  1. If you look at the first picture you will notice the title of “The Emperors Ascension.” If you check out the video below, you’ll see it as “The Emperors Ascencsion” (The video has it spelt incorrectly.)
  2. Right after this rumor was discovered, both the sites for Droitech Games and SWKOTOR3 have gone offline for supposed server maintenance and upgrades.

Now this may be a small oversight in their planning, but I’m going with “this rumor is fake.”

[VIDEO] Start Screen – Starting Game – Mod DB

Droitech has given out a few teaser photos as far as development and improvement to the previous games with promises of more photos and videos to come on July 31st which is supposed to be the start of their Alpha phase of testing.


You can find the forum posts on the following website here which includes “Official Updates” and responses from DroiTech themselves to their eager fans. Stay tuned as we wait for the 31st of this month to see what shenanigans await us.