[Rumor] Detailed storyline summary for Batman: Arkham Knight leaked online



Its no secret that Batman: Arkham Knight is a game that has gotten everyone excited, and when fans learned that the game was pushed back it didn’t seem like anyone was happy. But now, thanks to the wonders of Reddit, someone may have leaked a full detailed summary of the COMPLETE storyline of the game, including plot, character reveals, and the games potentially infamous ending.

Obviously Major Spoilers are below, so read it at your own risk.


If you took the risk and read it, obviously you are now aware that this game clearly delivers. The storyline is not only unique, but honors the comics far greater than anyone could have expected it to. This now marks another reason why waiting until next Feb all the harder.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently/tentatively slated for a February 24 release date on PS4 and XboxOne.