The Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut could add 15-20 hours of New Gameplay

New details emerge on what the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Iki Expansion will include, and how long it is.

According to a Reddit Post from a quality assurance tester, the new Iki Island Expansion included in the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will include roughly 15-20 hours of brand new gameplay. The poster said they mainly stuck to the main quest line, only doing a few side-quests, so completing the entirety of the new content may amount to an even longer playtime. Iki Island as a whole is reportedly similar in size to the lower half of Tsushima island.

Some of the new features said to be included in Sucker Punch Productions PS5 re-release of the critically acclaimed samurai title are:

  • New wildlife, such as leopards, squirrels, and monkeys.
  • New shrines to pray to, charms to collect, and flute compositions to play.
  • New heavy armor sets and three new arbors for your horse.
  • New Mongol enemy types with new fighting stances to learn to combat them.
  • New upgrades to the sword and bow, as well as a new torch item for exploring darker areas.
  • New environmental details, such as rainbows and an island-bound volcano (which may or may not erupt).

Sony has already confirmed that the Iki Island Expansion will offer new trophies to unlock as well, giving completionists who platinumed the game a reason to return.

The suggested length of additional gameplay as well as all the new features it includes makes the Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut a pretty sweet bundle for first time players, and the upgrade appears more than worthwhile for those who already own and enjoyed the initially released version of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will launch on August 20 for $69.99 USD on PS5 and $59.99 USD on PS4

If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 you can pre-order an upgrade to the Director’s Cut on PS4 for $19.99 USD. This upgrade will become available starting on August 20. Also starting on August 20, If you bought Director’s Cut PS4, you’ll be able to upgrade to Director’s Cut PS5 at any time for $9.99 USD or you can also upgrade directly from original Ghost of Tsushima PS4 to Director’s Cut on PS5 for $29.99 USD.