Catch a Glimpse of Vigilante’s Suit for HBO Max’s ‘Peacemaker’

Set photo reveals Vigilante’s costume for HBO Max series ‘Peacemaker’.

With the release of James Gunn’s DCEU debut film Suicide Squad fast approaching and his HBO Max show Peacemaker dropping in 2022, any tidbits about John Cena’s character Peacemaker are being eaten up like sugar cereal on Saturday morning.

Fans and movie lovers were treated to a great big bowl of awesome when a Twitter account dropped two photos, indicating that classic DC Comics character Vigilante (set to appear in Peacemaker) will be sporting a familiar look.

Even though actor Freddie Stroma is in the background alongside John in this on-set photo, there is enough of the costume visible to confirm that Freddie will be playing the Adrian Chase incarnation of Vigilante.

In the comics, Adrian Chase (created by legendary duo Marv Wolfman and George Pérez), is New York District Attorney who seeks his own unique brand of justice after the death of his wife and family, often through non-lethal means.

This will be the second time Chase has appeared in a DC media spin-off, the first time was in Season 5 of Arrow, where the character was re-cast as a villain who seeks revenge on Oliver Queen.

Suicide Squad will release on August 5, 2021