‘The Mandalorian’ Funko Bobble Head’s Features Helmetless Mando

New Funko POP! Bobble Head’s showcase unmasked Mando.

Funko POP!’s are a massive cultural phenomenon. These adorable (and at times odd) collectibles showcase a wide variety of characters, from superheroes and movie monsters, to mascots and real world sports icons. People love to collect them, sell them, take pictures with them etc.

Ever since it debuted a few years ago, Disney’s Star Wars tie-in series The Mandalorian has been a smashing success. Fans have enjoyed the Western style adventures of Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) as he ventures throughout the galaxy.

Now Funko and Disney are working together to bring forth a new series of Funko POP! bobble-heads, and they are something else. Among the new figures will be Boba Fett, a Dark Trooper, Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano. Two of the stand-outs are Baby Yoda aka Grogu and a helmetless Mando holding Grogu.

Out of the 10 bobble-heads, the Grogu and Mando ones are for sure going to be big sellers. Grogu is getting 3 bobble’s, each one featuring a fun moment from the show. The sculpt and detailing on the helmetless Mando is utterly amazing.

Check out the complete set of upcoming bobble-heads in the slideshow below.

Are you excited for these newest Funko POP! items? Do you plan to collect all 10? Let us know in the comments!

Source: StarWars.com