Disney Sets Big Deal to Bring New Content (Including Spider-Man) to Streaming Platforms

Disney and Sony broker deal to bring Spider-Man and other content to different streaming platforms.

The 21st century may be the age of the geek but it is also the age of streaming platforms. Power deals are being done all the time between the major companies that own these streaming platforms, and the media companies that produce the content which ultimately ends up on them.

Now Disney has once again waved a magic wand and managed to broker a deal with Sony that will bring Spider-Man and other Marvel works to Disney Plus starting in 2022.

While the deal is exclusive only to the United States, the broader implications of what this means regarding content and distribution are massive. It comes right behind the negotiations that were just wrapped up between Netflix and Sony. That particular arrangement will now see Sony movies ending up on Netflix nine month’s after a feature’s theatrical run starts. On the other hand Disney has locked down the window for TV windows across multiple platforms. Ultimately Sony stands to net a combined total of $3 billion in movie licensing from both companies.

This complex deal (on Disney’s side) was put together by Chuck Saftler, head of business operations for ABC, Freeform, FX Networks and Acquisitions for Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, and Keith Le Goy, president of worldwide distribution and networks for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Chuck released this statement about the positive long term impact for consumers:

This landmark multi-year, platform-agnostic agreement guarantees the team at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution a tremendous amount of flexibility and breadth of programming possibilities to leverage Sony’s rich slate of award-winning action and family films across our direct-to-consumer services and linear channels. This is a win for fans, who will benefit from the ability to access the very best content from two of Hollywood’s most prolific studios across a multitude of viewing platforms and experiences.

Source: Variety