“Black Legend” Is Set To Launch On March 25th

“Black Legend” is a turn-based RPG strategy game that was developed by Warcave and will release on March 25th

Black Legend is a turn-based RPG strategy game that was developed by Warcave.

Like many turn-based games, players will be able to choose numerous other characters to use, but in Black Legends, player will be able to play with up 15 different characters. The characters will fit any playstyle as players will be able to choose from classes ranging from Alchemist to Sharpshooter. While the wide selection of classes is fun, you will have to explore the game and collect all of the equipment to unlock a specific class.

The skills you unlock during your journey can be used by any of the characters in the game no matter the class. This will allow players to come up with and create numerous different builds to fit their playstyle even better. Black Legend will have tons of amazing features ranging from extensive character customization to being able to explore an entire city. Players will also be able to mix up different combinations of moves to come with some pretty cool explosive combos. Below you will find a more detailed list of the features that player can expect to find in Black Legends:

  • Strategy-Focused Gameplay: Approach each combat with a tactical focus, where unit placement, ability combos, and well-chosen attacks are key to survival. Black Legend focuses on old school strategy vibes, but without the 95% percent chance misses. 
  • Explosive Combos:  Mix up your ranged and melee combat by using alchemy for a wide array of explosive effects. Combine stacks of four different alchemic attacks to injure, poison, and debilitate your foes, but be warned, they will do the same to you.
  • Extensive Character Customization: Build your mercenary band with a wide array of classes, each with unique abilities. Improve each of your mercenaries with new weapons, armor, and trinkets, and create your own ability sets by equipping cross-class abilities. 
  • Choose Your Difficulty: For those who wish to see the story, the path can be gentle. For those who wish for difficulty, even the slightest mistake will be greatly punished.
  • Historic Enemies: Black Legend fills the city of Grant with creatures from Belgian, Dutch, and German folklore like nekkers, Halewijn, Witte Wieven and Old Red Eyes. 
  • An Engaging Story: Dive into the narrative through environmental storytelling, colorful NPCs, and rich set pieces.
  • An Entire City to Explore: Free-exploration lets you investigate the many alleys and streets in the city of Grant. Different districts host a wide variety of architecture and environments — you never know where you’ll discover a hidden path, a treasure trove of new items, hidden quest, or recruitable character.

You can check out the official trailer for Black Legend below:

Black Legends will release on March 25, 2021 for Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X

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