Warner Bros. Has Tapped Angel Manuel Soto To Direct “Blue Beetle”

Angel Manuel Soto is set to direct “Blue Beetle” for Warner Bros.
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DC Comics fans have been wanting some news regarding the Blue Beetle film for a while now. Well, today is their lucky day as Warner Bros. as tapped La Granja director Angel Manuel Soto to direct the movie.

The Blue Beetle first debuted way back in 1939 with Dan Garrett as the first Beetle. Since WB is running with the Jaime Reyes version of the character, this will mark the first time that the studio will have a Latino superhero movie. Reyes gets his powers from an ancient scarab that attaches to his spine. Not only does he get cool superpowers, but he also gets a really cool suit.

The upcoming movie is currently set to begin production later this fall. Joining Soto is Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer who will be penning the script and Zev Foreman will be joining as Executive Producer for the movie.

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Source: Variety