Justice Society: World War II Trailer Reveals Time-travel and Heroic Team-ups

A trailer for the upcoming DC Animated film ‘Justice Society: World War II’ shows heroic adventures and time-travel twists.

81 years ago the world was introduced to the first ever super-team to be created for comic books. Within the pages of All Star Comics #3, writer Gardner Fox, alongside artist Everett E. Hibbard and editor Sheldon Mayer brought the Justice Society of America into the world.

Over the course of that 81 years they have saved the world from untold menaces and evils. Now thanks to director Jeff Wamester and an amazing voice cast, the JSA will be getting their film debut in the DC Animated feature Justice Society: World War II.

A trailer has at last been released for the film, showcasing an adventure of epic proportions with a unique twist.

The summary for the movie sheds more light on what fans and movie-goers can expect from this epic World War II adventure:

Justice Society: World War II finds modern-day Barry Allen – prior to the formation of the Justice League – discovering he can run even faster than he imagined, and that milestone results in his first encounter with the Speed Force. The Flash is promptly launched into the midst of a raging battle – primarily between Nazis and a team of Golden Age DC Super Heroes known as The Justice Society of America. Led by Wonder Woman, the group includes Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Steve Trevor and the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. The Flash quickly volunteers to assist his fellow heroes in tipping the scales of war in their favor, while the team tries to figure out how to send him home. But it won’t be easy as complications and emotions run deep in this time-skipping World War II thriller.

The movie is set to be released on Digital and Blu-Ray in spring 2021.

Source: IGN