Production Begins on HBO Max’s ‘Peacemaker’ Show

James Gunn announces filming has begun for Peacemaker Season 1.

While 2021 has yet to get off the ground, wheels are already in motion for what promises to be a turnabout for the entertainment industry. After a near-shutdown last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movers and shakers, directors, writers and others are gearing up to get back to doing what they do best. The dream factory is opening for business again.

One such dream-maker is James Gunn. His fresh take on Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theatres on August 6. While familiar persons will be returning to DC Comic’s famous covert squad of conscripted villains, new faces will be gracing the silver screen as well.

One of those faces is Peacemaker aka Christopher Smith. Originally created and owned by Charlton Comics, he is being brought to life by John Cena. And while the movie has not yet been released, plans are already under way for a spin-off series for HBO Max about the maverick hero.

Days ago Gunn took to Instagram to share a post that has set the fan-bases ablaze with excitement. Sporting a a snow-white dye job and Peacemaker t-shirt, Gunn announced that filming has begun on the show’s first season.

A release date for Peacemaker has yet to be announced.